Svìnnere is a unique aromatic red wine, with a 19.5° alcohol content, full bodied in character and with a rich fruit bouquet with hints of cherry.

Our wine is a typical regional product in the great tradition of Orvieto, made from purple grapes and wild cherries. It is expertly prepared according to a treasured medieval family recipe. The long production cycle makes Svìnnere perfect as something to be enjoyed with friends.

This product is exceptional because it can be enjoyed after two years as a bold and young wine, or as a more sophisticated wine, aged at least 25 years.

It is best consumed between 16°C/60°F – 18°C/64°F and ideally should be served together with desserts with a chocolate base, with tarts, pies, and cookies or served on top of ice cream.

Our product has been mentioned both in the local regional literature and the culture of everyday life. After receiving the traditional Easter blessing from the priest, it was customary in the country to serve Svinnere and special homemade cookies.