From Orvieto Food Festival to Umbria Jazz Winter

Svinnere, always on sale in Orvieto and here on the web, after its presentation at the Orvieto Food Festival and available at the Carraro delicatessen during Umbria Jazz Winter, has become one of the most popular gifts for the Christmas holidays. 

he following article on Svinnere appeared in the local online newspaper,

Svinnere is, in our opinion, the most innovative Orvieto product of 2010, as well as one of the best gifts for the holidays. Red and cheerful like Christmas, like the ruby-red ​​grapes and cherries with which it is made, Svinnere was available for tasting during the Orvieto Food Festival and Umbria Jazz Winter, where it was enthusiastically acclaimed. We have joined in its praise and it is now always present in our wine pantries and is one of our preferred gifts to friends

It is to be appreciated for 10 reasons:

First of all, its excellent taste, soft and enveloping, robust and with body;

2. The intense, persistent and fruity fragrance;

The salvaging of a long-lost liqueur, in grandmother’s original recipe;

The choice of a small format bottle, suggesting the idea of ​​a precious nectar;

The slender bottle capped in sealing wax;

The elegant label with the stylized image of the cathedral of Orvieto;

The packet or the elegant gift box in which the bottle is packaged;

The recovery of the vernacular in giving the product a brand name (Svinnere della Coompagnia della Guisciola);

The passion and desire to take a chance in launching a new product by the producers (Ivan Tozzi, Paolo Petrangeli, Sergio Bucciotti, son of grandmother Velia who passed on the recipe);

The clever idea of salvaging an old tradition and combining it with an up to date marketing aimed at a selected target.

To Svinnere, which appeared on the market in late July 2010 and has already been reviewed in Paolo Massobrio’s guide "Il Golosario", best wishes for a fruitful 2011 and a continuing success!